Talking Photographs

Im sure I have mentioned this before but I’m a very big fan of the online photography magazine and blog Lens Culture. One of the great resources they have is audio interviews with lots of photographers from all sorts of backgrounds, they have just launched their video interviews with a great short film with the photographer Klavdij Sluban.

The intro from the website says:

Since 1995, French photographer Klavdij Sluban has been conducting photography workshops for juveniles who are imprisoned in jails around the world.

In this 8-minute video, Sluban talks with Jim Casper of Lens Culture about this work, and shares some of the photographs he has made in jails in countries from the former Soviet Union, France, Ireland, Guatemala and Salvador.


For me it is very refreshing to see projects like this getting attention, beyond his education work in prisons I also really like Sluban’s sensitive, personal approach – this sort of work is very unfashionable in the big galleries and collections at the moment so I’m very pleased to see his book Transsib√©riades win a major award.


Picture 1


At the Private View

Last Thursday was the private view for the work made during my time at the Tower. I’d like to thank all those that came again for their support, it was a great night with 70 or 80 people turning up and packing the space and keeping me busy with questions about the work. Im very glad that such an interesting mix of people were able to come and make it such a great night (even though I was coming down with a cold).

I’d especially like to thank All Hallows Church for being so helpful and allowing us to take over the place with the exhibition and giving us so much help in making the whole thing possible. Thank You!

My friend Andrew Ford from Spectrum took a few pictures (mainly to show examples of the wonderful frames they made for me, but caught some of the guests) a few are shown below.