Other ‘Other Histories’

A couple of months ago I gave the work made during the Tower of London residency the title Other Histories. I came to this title while thinking about the hierarchy of historic importance within a heritage site. In such places there exist the histories that are represented as part of the nations past (kings, religious figures, battles etc) but within a historic site there also smaller histories, everyday events and minor places. It seemed to me that while working at the Tower I was exploring this hierarchy and making images that represented other stories about the Tower of London.

I chose this title unaware that the Artist Joachim Koester (whose work I admire and have also written about on this blog) had an exhibition planned for the Stills Gallery in Edinburgh with the title Poison Protocols and Other Histories (which opened in August)

image from 'Tarantism' - Joachim Koester

image from 'Tarantism' - Joachim Koester



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