Small pictures of quietness

Its turning into a rough week, both professionally and personally (without going into the details). I’m back to my role at the college for a new term and it feels like everything is happening at once (like that description of Time and Space – one exists so that everything doesn’t happen at once and the other to stop it all happening to you).

Almost as if to balance this out I stumbled across the work of Yamamoto Masao.

His work is beautiful and sparse, its not the best word but I dont want to use simple because I think when they are seen as an installation in a gallery they would be anything but simple. They are beautiful though.

His work is also interesting in reference to my recent words on the photograph as object. It’s strange how things work.

This picture alone makes me feel a whole lot better about the world.

by Yamamoto Masao

by Yamamoto Masao


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