The Book of the Film(s)

A few days ago I received the proof copy of the book I am making of Other Histories with the online publisher Blurb. As you can see from the picture below I have gone trough the proof copy and made notes (the yellow post-its) on the adjustments that need to be made, mostly it is just changes to the image brightness and contrast and on some pages the position of the image on the page. I am now also working on some text to go at the back of the book that will act as an index to the images. I want to avoid putting a description of each picture next to the actual image in the book, but equally I think it would be interesting for the veiwer to be able to find out a bit more about the place/object that I have chosen to photograph.

The proof copy of 'Other Histories'

The proof copy of 'Other Histories'


3 thoughts on “The Book of the Film(s)

  1. Chris,

    I’d be interested to hear your opinion of there black & White reproduction of your photos.
    I’ve been putting off using Blurb as I don’t feel confident enough of their printing for the UK. I’ve read lots of stories about the quality in the US, which now seems acceptable, but as I believe they use a different printer for the UK market I’m trying to find out a bit more before committing.

    Any info or tips on how you prepared the images for them and how satisfied you are with the end result would be useful.

    Look forward to seeing your book.


    • Roy, I have received my ‘test’ copy from Blurb and so far the images look a bit dark. With this in mind I’m going to try and correct the darkness on my versions of the images and reorder another copy and see how that works. This was very much a test run as I am very interested in the possibility of making work for small edition artist books in the future. I see that Beth Dow has a book available on Blurb – I’d be very interested to see the quality of the books images as her gallery prints are of a very high quality indeed.

      When I get a new proof back I will do a post and cover the subject in more detail, one thing I will say is that I’m expecting the book to be more like a exhibition catalogue rather than a fine print edition which will be reflected in the price. Good to hear from you again.

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