Stained Glass Windows with Evelyn Lowe School

The last of the three education projects that we ran as part of the residency was with pupils from Evelyn Lowe School. Pupils came to visit the Tower of London where they were shown around by one of the Towers excellent costumed interpreters who told them various stories of some of the characters from the Towers long history. After a morning of exploring the Tower through some of its incredible stories the pupils gathered together and we discussed some of the things they had learnt.

With all these great stories fresh in their minds we explained what we planned to do. The idea was to get the children to help us design some bright images that would be turned into stained-glass style pictures to be displayed on light boxes in the Tower of London’s education department.

We looked at examples of stained glass windows and talked about how they told stories. We then discussed what key moments and objects stood out in each story and how these could be used in a stained glass window to represent each historic tale.

The children then planned and acted out scenes that could be used in a window for each story.

All this information was collected together and used by Zinta Jaunitis and myself to design 6 colourful stained glass window style images (4 of which are posted here. See if you recognize any of the stories and characters).


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