Accidental Sculptures & Non-Monuments


Objects photographed are given a sculptural quality by the camera and the removal of the objects necessity of purpose. The photograph creates an importance for this object outside and beyond that for which it was created, turning it into a kind of non-monument, created without the inferred historic importance of a traditional, historical monument. Objects, framed alone, become through their ambiguity, open to interpretation.

I find it difficult to look at a chair within the walls of the Tower of London and not be reminded of the story of Josef Jakobs, a German spy and the last person to be executed at the Tower in 1941, such is the weight of historical anecdote and the burden of interpretation.


2 thoughts on “Accidental Sculptures & Non-Monuments

  1. There is a similarity with film-making; films are compressed ‘reality’ and so every moment in a film is embued with significance – whether the film-maker meant it to be or not. A character’s chance fumbling while removing a cup from a cupboard isn’t just an accident, one of those inconsequential things that happens to all of us, they clearly must be suffering from something. A red herring or not, in terms of the story being told, once something is framed it gains significance and meaning. Controlling and manipulating that meaning is the art of film-making. As Degas put it, ‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see’.

    • This is a very good point that reminds me of this article i read in the Guardian recently about how Hitchcock’s films stand out becauses he doesn’t try to mimic real life but creates great filmic events or moments that stand out.

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