Joachim Koester

Kant Walks 6 Koester

I’ve been reading a lot of writing about Joachim Koester’s work lately, mainly on the website for the Nicolai Wallner Gallery.

Koester is a conceptual artist who works mainly in photography and film/video. I am particularly drawn to his interest in landscape, history and the photographic image.

Koester and I share similar interests in the photographs ability to capture the marks and physical shapes of human activity, the layers of history that shape our surroundings and influence our understanding of these places. This quote from an interview with Anders Kreuger could easily be about the Tower of London:

‘Something that has interested me a lot is how ideas and narratives take on a physical form, how stories and history materialise. I believe most human activities leave traces in space. In one way or another, spaces are transformed by human action, and in my work I am, if you like, ghost-hunting spaces. I look for these storylines, which may not always be very apparent but are still present.’
The complete conversation between Koester and Kreuger can be read here


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