Ending and Continuation

Just a quick post to say that even though in many ways the Tower Residency has finished, I will be continuing to post blogs until after the work has been exhibited.

Although the photographs have been taken and now printed there is much work to do until it is shown to the public. There is the whole process of finding a suitable location and then working out how best to show the finished work in this location. Also I’m currently very busy working out the text/titles that will accompany the pictures.

Over the summer I plan to return to the Tower of London and make use of the 5×4 Large Format Camera for some pictures I have in mind that don’t really fall into the same area as the completed work.

On top of reporting on these elements of the post-residency experience I will also be talking about my efforts to promote the work to a wider audience.  I have also been asked by some of you to continue posting links to photographers/exhibitions/websites that I am looking at.

I hope you will continue to follow the blog over the summer and also I hope to see you all when the work is finally exhibited.


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