An Ever Present Doubt

I now have all exhibition prints, bar one, in my posession. I will be honest since picking up the prints I have suffered from a sudden rush of doubt. I must add that this is a familiar feeling for me when working on a body of work, especially as the end looms up. Knowing this doesn’t make the feelings any easier.

Seeing the images in their finished state I begin to quietly question all my choices – the pictures, the size, the way they have been printed. In some ways the work takes on a life of its own, like it or not its become its own thing, its moved slightly out of my control.

Im now taking some time to live with the pictures again, a few are taped up on the wall and will stay there for a couple of weeks while I get used to them again.

I still find that listening to Max Richter and Sylvain Chauveau helps.


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