The Education Projects – Downside Fisher Youth Club

In January we began an education project with some young people from the Downside Fisher Youth Club. The project was similar to the portrait project that we ran with Evelyn Lowe school, but due to the age of the participants and the fact that it was run outside of school hours it created a very different body of work.

Alex, Zinta and I went to meet the group at the Youth Club where we discussed the idea for the project and did some work around personal image and the portraits. Unlike the school based projects, where a lot of the planning of the portraits was done before the actual ‘shoot’, the majority of the creative work with the young people from Downside Fisher was done on location with input from the whole group. This made for a really exciting atmosphere in our chosen location – the Tower of London’s Medieval Palace (even though it was very, very cold). Some of the behind the scenes pictures of the sessions in the palace can be seen here. I had a great time working with this group and was genuinely impressed by their creativity, hard work and sense of humour. As my personal work can be a quiet and solitary experience I find these lively, energetic sessions a lot of fun and really boost my confidence in the creativity of today’s young people.

The gallery below shows the final pictures that the participants decided were their favourites, each of them received a framed copy of their image to take home. The plan is that these pictures will be displayed for the public in the Tower in the near future.


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