From the Edit


A theme I have noticed in a lot of work I have edited from the residency photographs seems to be layers. When I talk about the Tower of London project to people I often refer to the layers of interpretation that exist on such an important historic site. Im sure I have also mentioned it here on the blog in the past. In some ways the Tower of London is like a celebrity building, with its very own, clearly defined public image.

The picture above is taken from the final edit for the exhibition, the bins contain mortar being used in the conservation of the White Tower. The building materials are carefully made to compliment the buildings historic integrity, in a way these bins contain a new layer of the Towers image.

I was given access to the areas where the conservation work is taking place, I was told about the complicated job of researching and gathering exactly the right materials to keep the repairs historically accurate and also to the highest building standards.

At the end of the coming week I will be able to pick up the exhibition prints and deliver them to the company that is framing the work, this will be the first time I have seen the whole body of work, printed full size and all together.


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