The Final, Final Edit

The final edit is now done and all the negs are at the printers, the point of no return as it were. As it stands the final show will be made up of 15 photographs. There will also be a limited edition boxed set of 6 images, which meant I had to do a further edit of the 15 images down to 6 images for this. This was a lot easier than I expected, the 6 images took on a feel of their own that exists separatly from the main show. I actually changed my mind about one image while at Robin Bell’s darkroom.

I’m not going to post the whole series of 15 images on the blog but I thought I would put a few pictures from the selection to give you an idea.




This last image is one that i am uncertain of, I dont mean that I’m unsure of its place in the final edit but more that I am unsure why I like it. I think I have spoken about these sorts of images in the past, the way that most of my favourite photographs (be they by me or other photographers) are ones that I don’t really know why I am drawn to them. These sorts of pictures hold my attention longer than more immediate images, because they make me come back and look again and again. A photograph I took almost 10 years ago still has a similar effect on me now (below).



2 thoughts on “The Final, Final Edit

  1. They are very striking images. They contain all that eeriness and isolation that becomes so rampant when the crowds drain out of the Tower.There is also a sense of waiting that hides beneath their disturbing composition. This is sometimes scene in “ghost” photography, outside of the focus of the ‘subject’
    The picture with the table and shadows is loaded with portent and the word SALT seems to go with it, in a poetic manner, not unlike a Beauys sculpture. Let me know when you exhibit them please.

  2. Thank you Brian. Plans to exhibit the work are not yet fixed but I will definitely keep you up to date. The titles of the pictures are not yet finalized, it is something I am working on at the moment, while I have time to live with the images.

    I also like the word SALT in this context. I have spent a fair amount of time listening to different tour guides about areas of the Tower and I am interested in the ‘looseness’ of the names, their original meanings have slowly been set adrift over the years, like dead metaphors.

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