Fun at the Tower

A portraiture project with the Downside Fisher youth club.

At the first session, we discussed portraiture with the group. Showing many examples, we considered the question, How do we read a portrait? Themes raised were; identity, objects and what they represent, how the photo was taken, expression etc… To create their own portrait each young person asked themselves the following questions;

What will you be doing in the photograph?
How do you want others to see you?
How do you see yourself?
At what angle will the photograph be taken?
What will you be wearing?

The photographs were taken in the Medieval Palace at the Tower of London. The bedchamber of King Edward I was a fabulous interior for the backdrop of our photo shoot.

Irish tap dancing for the King?

Irish tap dancing for the King?

A performer for the King?

Playing for the King?


Exploring the hallways of the Medieval Palace

A wealthy visiting King?

A wealthy man visiting the King?

Chris and youth viewing images

Chris and youth viewing their images

Can't wait for the print... so we'll take a photo of the screen with our mobiles

Can't wait for the print... so we'll take a photo of the screen instead

This project was an opportunity for these young people to explore and express their identity. Very quickly we discovered art directors, organisers, models and performers. A rather fitting space for an interior used by medieval kings and queens during their short visit to the Tower.

The final images will be presented in a large format on the exterior of the white tower coinciding with the 500th anniversary of King Henry VIII’s accession to the throne. An enjoyable project had by all.


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