Killip and the ongoing edit

I was interested in Alex’x post about Parr and Killip as this book about Killips ‘In Flagrante’ arrived for me in the post on saturday:


(in the publishers words):

‘The Books on Books series is an on-going publishing project dedicated to making rare and out-of-print photography books accessible once again to photobook enthusiasts. Each in this series presents the entire content, page for page, of an original master bookwork which, up until now, has been too rare or prohibitively expensive for most of us to experience. These are not facsimiles but complete studies of those original masterpieces’

its a lovely thing and highlights what an amazingly powerful piece of work this is – for a photographer like myself ‘In Flagrante’ it so good that its daunting.

Alex also mentioned the final edit for the Tower projects exhibition. So far I have ten images in the capable hands of the printer Robin Bell and today I have been working on editing the final 5 images to complete the show. Once I have these final choices made I will drop the negs off with Robin on thursday – the point of (almost) no return.


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