All excuses

First of all I want to apologise for my recent lack of blog activity. My excuses are, as usual about time, I seem to be very busy at the moment and time simply seems to fly by and before I know it another week has gone by. But this excuse would be too simple, under closer inspection I realise that I have slipped into a different mode with the residency and I am currently thinking more about the end product and the technical side of getting to the end product. Over the last week or two I have hardly made any new photographs and therefore seem to have little to write about on the blog.

I am now spending more time talking about budgets, costs and places where we can display the finished work, this, I would guess is like the editing of a film or the mixing of an album. Its not as juicy, or as much fun as producing the work but its necessary and important. The worst thing about the presentation part of a project is that its quite dry and technical but it also gives you far to much time and space to see the project as a whole, time to reconsider and, well … worry.

But, the process is under way and the first negatives are in the printers safe hands, and the ball is rolling. This morning, over a cup of coffee I began to ponder the images that will make up the finished ‘product’ of the residency; 15 photographs to sum up almost 8 months of exploration. Will these pictures capture my thoughts and ideas about the Tower? Well that is yet to be seen. One thing I am thinking about is creating a dummy book of the project, the book is the ideal format to show work, and I can incorporate many of the images that will not make it into the exhibition. I plan to use one of the many online photo book manufacturers to produce 2 or 3 dummies, which I hope to have available to veiw at the exhibtion. I’m going to start this once everything to do with the exhibtion is finished ( at the end of march) which means it will no doubt contain photographs that i make near the end of the residency.


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