A Return from Spain

Just a short post to apologise for a bit of a gap from me on the blog. I was lucky enough to be in Barcelona for a few days, and was pleasantly internet free for the whole time.

It was a short stay so it seemed that most of my time was spent wandering the streets, looking at buildings and eating and drinking… not a bad life.

On my wanderings I ended up in a small Gallery/Bookshop in Barcelona’s Old Town – Im not sure of the name as its logo and sign were pretty unreadable, but inside were some fantastic vintage images, most of which were by a photographer I had never seen: Josep Salvany. I have had a quick look on the internet but have found very little about him, even in Spanish.

This was the picture that drew me (and my companions) into the gallery:

Photograph by Josep Salvany

Photograph by Josep Salvany

We liked this picture because it seemed to be an exact copy of the three of us just a 150 years ago.

I wish I could tell you more about the exhibition but my Spanish doesn’t stretch far enough to decipher gallery info boards (it actually stretches just far enough to order a coffee and apologise for my appalling Spanish).

I found this picture on the web, and its bares a similarity to some of my Tower pictures:


If there is anyone out there, reading this, who knows more about this photographer I would love to find out more, so please get in touch.

While searching for Salvany I found this picture which I love to bits:

Santa Coloma de Queralt. Fira al Casal. 1967 Autor: Pere Plaza

Santa Coloma de Queralt. Fira al Casal. 1967 Autor: Pere Plaza

Its a terrible thing to say but I only know the work a handfull of Spanish photographers, but now I’m going to hunt down some more.


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