Christopher King in conversation 2

This has been a long time coming, for which I apologise, but I do have a genuine reason as WordPress’s media player couldn’t cope with images in GarageBand file formats and I’ve lacked the time to convert it to a more palatable format.  However, as London has had a bit of snow lately and has come to an almost total stop as a result, I thought I’d use my time productively.


2 thoughts on “Christopher King in conversation 2

  1. Oscar Wilde’s response to your comments of photographing the everyday…
    “The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible”

    I am reading a book by Ellen Dissanayake called “Homo Aestheticus, Where art comes from and why”. She is credited for re-defining art as ‘making special’, that is, art making (photographing in your case) involves taking something out of its everyday use and context and making it somehow special. This ability, she says, enables us to ‘bracket off’ the things and activities that are important to our survival, separate them from the mundane and make them special.

    I love how you can make cracked plaster ‘special’. Is this important to your survival as a photographer?

  2. I think that could be one of the things I love most about photography, you never know what you may find when you start working, even in a place you have been visiting for several months theres always the chance that some special will show its self to you

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