First Portraits

Just a quick post before I go for the train – busy day today, Im going to see the excellent B&W printer Robin Bell ( check his website and just have a look at his client list) and then I have to get over to the Tower to prepare for tonights portrait project with a group of youngsters for a local youth group. Last week we worked with the first group on this project and they were great, hopefully show you some images from their project soon.

I thought you would like to see a couple of pictures from my first portraits of the residency. Both the pictures are of Kathy who is one of the costumed interpreters from the company Past Pleasures. Im hoping to photograph more of the talented people that help to bring the Towers history to life, the idea is to photograph them in their everyday clothes instead of their historic costumes, in a similar way that I am photographing the buildings of the Tower that lack their historic veneer. kathy-2



2 thoughts on “First Portraits

  1. I hope you asked Robin Bell where he buys his paper. Many of the types he lists on his site are unavailable to mere mortals these days…

    I’d also like to know how on earth he manages to produce his hand prints at such reasonable prices. Are you planning on using his services for the Tower project? I look forward to seeing the results.

  2. I don’t actually think Robin is a mere mortal. It was great to meet him and yes I do hope to use his excellent services for the project, he really is a craftsman. While at his darkrrom he showed me some of his recent work (including a wonderful Lee Miller print) and we had a long chat about the whole business. I must admit I felt slightly nervous showing him work knowing some of the great names he has worked with. He did mention that he is currently working on a book of his work which Im sure would be a great collection.

    Im hoping to make a set of limited edition boxed portfolios of the project printed by Robin.

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