Chairs and Tables

If you remeber a few posts back, I had made a second visit to the upper salt to re-take a couple of pictures. I thought I would post the new images, the one of the table is slighty diferent to the original shot and I’m still trying to work out which one I prefer.


I have also taken a slightly different version of the photograph of the chair and the blanket.


I think Im drawn to pictures of wooden chairs (as I may have mentioned before) but during my time at the Tower they have taken on a darker meaning as for me they are now linked to the execution of Josef Jacobs in 1941 (the last execution at the Tower of London). You can read more about Jacobs in Alex Drago’s previous post – here. The injured Jacobs seated execution in the Towers rifle range is a well known part of the Towers History, well written about and widely refered to in tours of the Tower. What is less widely known is the fact that all prisoners who ended up in front of the firing squad in the Towers rifle range had to be executed sitting down due to the hieght of the protective wall that stops bullets continuing on through the walls of the building. This, I hasten to add is not the chair, in fact the actaul chair is probably long gone, as with many artifacts there are probably several chairs in the world said to be the chair of Josef Jacobs. But for me any chair I photograph in the Tower has something of that story about it.