There’s plenty of film out there

Yesterday in the library I picked up a William Eggleston photography book and had a flick through, reminding myself of his spontaneity and incredible eye for a picture. Known as the originator of colour photography as fine art I was interested to see that the book I had picked up also contained some early black and white pictures, something I had never seen before.

Then today I read two separate blogs that have posts about William Eggleston, one which contained the film clip (below) and one that had a great excerpt from an article in Interveiw Magazine . i love this part about digital and film photography:


Harmony Korine:   What about digital photography?

William Eggleston:   Don’t know anything about it.

HK:    Have you ever shot with a digital camera?

WE:    As I said, I don’t know anything about it. I don’t know, I might love it.

HK:    You’re not opposed to it?

WE:    There’s plenty of film out there, and quadrillions of cameras that use film-I don’t think it makes much sense not to use it. The thing that’s going out is the manufacturing of the paper.



This reads better if you know Eggleston’s wonderful drawl, so have a look at this short clip. I think its interesting what he says about the Art Photography that was being made when he first showed his colour pictures.



2 thoughts on “There’s plenty of film out there

  1. Great clip you came up with there Chris, would like to see the whole movie.

    I love the way he has perfected the art of shooting whilst holding a cigarette – kind of a variable soft focus filter perhaps…

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