The Country & the Gift


Just a quick post, feel like I have been slightly absent on the blog front, pulling together a few loose ends as the year draws closer to its own end. I’ve been down in somerset for the weekend visiting old friends and getting away from all things urban for a bit. It was nice to be away from my mobile phone and my email for a couple of days. I also think that long train journeys are very good for the thought process and that seeing old friends and explaining what you are up to really helps solidify your thoughts on the job in hand.

When I wasnt gazing out of a train window at the crisp winter landscape of familiar counties I had my nose pushed deeply into a copy of Lewis Hyde’s The Gift a really wonderful book on creativity, community and so, so much more (one for the Christmas list).

Im writing this while listening to Shugo Tokumaru’s Night Piece, which made up a big part of the soundtrack to my train journeys and doesn’t seem to suffer from repeat listening.


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