Recent Explorations

Last week I was given access to the upper area of the Waterloo Building in the Tower of London, a place that is probably best known to visitors as the location of the crown jewels. A less well known fact about this building is at one point it held two of the towers most modern of the Towers detainees – the Krays. Although I think many people would like to think that they were imprisoned there for being London’s most terrible gangsters, in fact they were held their for not turning up for their National Service, probably in their formative years before deciding on a career in organized villainy.

The area of their cells is now used for the heavy plant that controls the building aircon and water, cramped and dark it was a very difficult space to photograph but was exactly the kind of space that I have become most interested in while at the Tower, such places raise questions for me about what the Heritage Industry chooses to present as historic as well as what we, as visitors expect to see as representing our nations past.

An idle siege engine in the Towers grounds

An idle siege engine in the Towers grounds


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