Chris at work

I had the opportunity to shadow Chris for the morning. I asked how comfortable he was with me hovering around and how it might effect his work. The process was quickened by my presence but I was able to see what Chris took interest in (the seemingly banal) and what he looks for when framing an image (finding geometric relationships).  He takes considerable time looking at objects from various angles and distances and will consume a roll of film on one object.

Chris is a solo worker and is very aware of his surroundings. He spoke about how when taking a photo you enter a sphere…. I believe he did and I was able to capture it.



Chris at work


One thought on “Chris at work

  1. What a strange photograph, I resemble the invisible man (or at least my coat does). That chair in the photograph has probably used about a rolls worth of exposures but over a couple of visits and on separate rolls of film. When i get the film back I will post the different versions of that one image. In the past i have re-photographed places/objects many times and then not actually used the image – in the same way I have taken a single frame of something absently and it works straight away. Some things I see, however visually enticing, just dont want to be pictures.

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