Facing the Crowds

Previously I have written about how I found it difficult to photograph the busier, public areas of the Tower, I also wrote about watching the Towers visitors experience the place through the screen of their digital camera or video. While my position at the Tower may seem very different to the normal, daily visitor, really I am no more than a tourist taking in the surroundings through my camera. The only real difference is the length of my visit and the access I am granted.

It is a hierarchy that is similar to that of the day tripper as compared to the seasoned ‘traveller’. Many travellers look down at the day tripper for visiting obvious places while they in-turn look within their copy of Lonely Planet to find some unknown corner that hundreds of other Lonely planet readers have also visited.

With this in mind I reassessed my avoidance of the crowds of tourists and took my camera with me to join in and explore the visitor experience a bit more (saying this, I also understand that simply by using my camera I am withdrawing into the safety of being the observer).

I have a couple of rolls of film to collect next week with these images and I hope they will prove an interesting aside to the work I have been doing so far, I must admit I really enjoyed taking the pictures.

While I was flicking through my copy of Phaidon’s ‘The Photo Book‘ I saw this image by David Hurn and thought it captured the kind of thing I was seeing while photographing the crowds of visitors at the Tower.

What a great picture, the kid on the cannon pretty much sums up my childhood view of historic sites.


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