The Bat in the Tower

An image I recently posted seems to have caught the attention of the readers of this blog, so I thought I’d write a little bit more about it. The image is this one of the rubber bat in the Upper Salt Tower.



This image appears near the end of the last roll of film I exposed in the Salt Tower on this particular visit. As I moved the camera on its tripod to set up and frame a new picture I saw the bat from the corner of my eye and for a moment thought it was a real, dead bat. Closer inspection revealed nothing so dramatic, it was as we can see just a rubber Halloween bat, that had in the past possibly hung from the ceiling above but has since fallen to its present position, as seen in the photograph.

Its not a prop, I don’t carry toy bats around to add ‘a certain something’ to my pictures, in fact I dont believe in altering the space I photograph at all apart from the position of the camera. I do know that school groups have been shown around in previous years so maybe this was a little bit of fun to add to the stories of the Towers ghosts.

Looking at the contact sheet of this film there is another picture of the same bat from a different angle, it’s sometimes peculiar how, when working in an area I get drawn into a possible image that when I see it on the contact sheet I wonder why I was so fascinated. You never know maybe I will work it out, or maybe this will be the last we see of the rubber bat of the Upper Salt Tower.



(click on images to enlarge)


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