Influences #1

On friday while I was at the Tower, Alex Drago and I recorded a conversation about the project and my thoughts on how it was going for a future podcast. We hope to make this available to you soon.

One of the questions that came up was about my influences. This is the most asked question for any creative person and its a good one, because it offers the audience an insight into the makers development in their chosen medium. 

One of the people I refer to when I am asked about my influences is the British Photographer Raymond Moore (1920 – 1987). Moore was an important and respected artist in British Photography, but oddly his work is often overlooked (in recent collections and exhibitions) and is also hard to find due to the small numbers of books produced. If you Google Raymond Moore you will find a fine collection of essays and images collated by Roy Hammans on the Weeping Ash  Website. There is a listing of Moore’s work on the British Council website but sadly (and as if to illustrate my point) no images have been uploaded.

Raymond Moore’s ‘Every So Often‘ is a book I come back to again and again, the images are very subtle, beautifully seen and inescapably British (I find it hard to put my finger on why, which is probably why I still enjoy them so much).


Raymond Moore

Raymond Moore


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