Ghostly Goings-On

Its almost 1am Monday morning, I had been in bed trying to sleep, but that didn’t seem to be happening, so I decided to get up and write an entry on the blog, mainly because thinking about it was probably the cause of my sleeplessness. I’m sat at my desk with some tea, listening to ‘Autumn Chorus‘ and thinking back over the photographs I have taken this week but have yet to see. I know that many of you are keen to see more pictures (and more often), such are the expectations on the production of images in our digital age. More pictures will come, but for the moment, like me, you will have to wait. 

On Thursday I was given access to the crypt of the Chapel Royal of StPeter ad Vincula, the crypt is an oddly practical space with (as I have come to expect in the Tower) a palimpsestic veneer of different eras of the buildings history.

On Friday I visited the upper floors of the Salt Tower. I was let in and soon lost  track of time while I made my photographs. The upper floors are closed to the public, but the lower areas are very busy indeed. While I worked I could here the conversations below in all kinds of languages and accents, I wondered if my footsteps on the floor boards would be mistaken for those of the ghosts of previous occupants. There are stories of the upper areas of this Tower being haunted and the Yeoman Warders have some interesting tales of eerie goings on. I didn’t feel any ghostly presence during my short ‘sentence’ but I wouldn’t want to go there at night (apparently the ghostly goings-on only go on at night)


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