First Images

As promised, here are a couple of images from the digital scans of my first few sketch shots taken 12th Aug 2008.




In future I plan to scan and upload whole contact sheets so that its possible to see the way I edit images from a roll of film and also it maybe possible to see my train of thought as the frames of the film progress. This roll of film was a bit more sporadic as i was really just begining to look at the landscape of the tower through the lens.


3 thoughts on “First Images

  1. hey Chris, just been having a peek through your new pages – looking good so far – you’re firmly in my RSS Feed, looking forward to reading all about your explorations – especially your contact sheets. It’s such a relief to see film scans, as you say – there is something to be said for the distance ‘real’ 😉 photography creates. Word of warning with regards to the second of the two pictures – go careful chosing which bricks you remove for analysis – Her Majesty might be a little peeved if you pop the wrong one! [sound of wall tumbling…]

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